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1 Logo With Multiple Variations

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Perguntas Frequentes

1How Many Variations Should A Logo Have?

A brand identity designer should design you at least four non-negotiable logo variations to help your brand show up and look consistent no matter where you place it. Let’s take a look at each of the different logo variations your brand needs.

2Can One Company Have Multiple Logos?

Having multiple versions of your logo can help uplevel your brand and keep your brand looking consistent across all platforms and media. Having various logos makes sure your branding is flexible and you won’t have to squish or stretch your logo to fit.

3Do I Need Logo Variations?

Logo versatility is important because as your business grows, your logo will be in more places. Each of these places will have their own requirements for how they will accept your logo (like different dimensions and file sizes). Think of it like different holes your company’s logo will need to fit.

4Can You Have Two Versions Of A Logo?

It goes without saying that your logo is an important piece of your visual brand identity. But did you know that most businesses actually have multiple logo variations? In fact, it’s common for brands to have up to four logo variations, each of which is suitable for different print and digital use cases.

5What Should You Avoid In A Logo?

The 10 Biggest Mistakes in Logo Design- Not Following an Intuitive Process.- Confusing Your Terminology.- Not Doing Enough Research.- Creating Your Logo Design in Color (First)- Using the Same Typography for Your Wordmark and Brand Content.

6Can Brands Have Different Logos?

Any brand can benefit from logo variations, but some brands will need more variations than others. It depends on the style of your logo and your business genre and needs. We’ll go over four key types of logo variations—primary, stacked or secondary, submark and favicon—to help you find out which ones you need.